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Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a process of altering elements of your website in order to obtain good rankings with crawler-based search engines. Pinellas Website Design is a leading internet marketing agency offering expert search engine optimization and submission services.

Internet Search Engine Submission is often used or thought of as Search Engine Optimization. While both terms are related to promoting websites on search engines there are some differences.

Internet Search Engine Submission or Registration is the process of getting your website listed with the search engines. Danny Sullivan, one of the SE industry pioneers, made a very interesting comparison. Internet Search Engine Submission is like a lottery ticket. Buying a ticket does not guarantee you winning but you need a ticket to have any chance of winning. It is the same with the Internet Search Engine Submission. The search engines have to know about your website in order to evaluate it and send you some Internet traffic. Make no mistake, getting listed does not mean you will necessary rank well for particular terms, it simply means that the search engines know that your pages exist.

The Basics of Internet Search Engine Submission

Proper and professional search engines submission services are part of any search engine marketing or promotion and are required for your Internet marketing success.

The three major search engines in the U.S. today are Google, Yahoo and MSN (Google having the largest market share). The search engines are usually the main Internet traffic source for any website. Therefore, it is reasonable to verify that your site is listed in their databases. Once the search engines do know about your website they will send their crawlers on a regular basis to check and record what is new. If your domain name is brand new with no external links, you better take an action to submit your URLs to Google and other search engines. This DOES NOT guarantee you listings but it is better “to have a ticket” as explained above.

Directory submissions and links

Yahoo Directory Submission – Yahoo maintains its own directory where human editors review the websites and compile the listings. Being listed in the Yahoo directory helps to get your site included in search engines’ databases and to increase its popularity. For commercial websites, Yahoo directory has an annual submission fee of $299. The fee does not guarantee you listings. It is applied to get your site reviewed and your request for submission answered within seven business days. All websites that compile with the Yahoo directory requirements are accepted and listed under the proper category.

Open Directory Project - DMOZ ( – is a volunteer supported web directory. The submission is free but there is no guarantee on listings and on turnaround time. No notifications are sent on whether and when the site is accepted or not. To submit your site you have to determine the right category and use the “addURL” link under that category, and then complete the registration form. Check regularly to see if the site is listed. Note that it may take more than 6 months to see your listing.

Consider additional directories related to your business category. Crawlers analyze links across the web to decide which pages to pick and potentially rank well. Your listings in Yahoo and DMOZ human-compiled directories are among the best links you can get to influence the crawlers.

Local Internet Search Engine Submission

Submissions to Google Local and Yahoo! Local, Superpages, etc. are also recommended. If your site targets local traffic it is essential to have well-established presence in the local listings. The ultimate goal of every search engine marketing program is to increase qualified traffic to the website.

XML Site Maps

Ideally, your site’s structure and navigation scheme should allow the crawler to index your entire site. However, we also recommend generating and publishing a special XML site map used to submit and re-submit your entire website to the search engines.

Paid placement and Pay-Per-Click

If you have launched a brand new website and you want to get noticed quickly, consider using paid placement programs. Paid placement or pay-per-click programs are offered by all three major search engines. Paid search advertising (PPC management) programs are: Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. They all have an activation fee of $5 and a minimum charge per click. You can set daily and monthly budgets.

Internet Search Engine Submission Services We Offer

Proper and professional Internet Search Engine Submission Services are required part of every marketing campaign for online success. Pinellas Website Design offers the following Internet Search Engine Submission services as part of our Search Engine Marketing programs:

Often we will recommend allocating internet search engine submission budget to cover the third party fees like Yahoo Directory.

Pinellas Website Design is an Web Design firm based in St Petersburg, Florida. We help clients evaluate opportunities and compete successfully on the Internet arena. Contact us for a free competitive website evaluation and quote.

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